Pack Size: 120g, 1kg, 5kg

A unique blend of fried coating with flavorful salt and woody pepper. Taste profile is further enhanced with hints of spices creating an all-rounded, multi-sensory gourmet experience. You may choose to prepare it with or without breadcrumbs (or panko), either way tastes awesome. It’s great for various seafood, especially calamari or fried vegetables such as mushrooms, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, and baby corn etc. Try pairing it with your choice of dip sauce & Voila! A catch worth-trying especially on Western Dining table!

Cooking Style:

Frying IconFRYING

• No Added Artificial Preservatives
• No Added Artificial Coloring
• Versatile – Seafood & Vegetables
• No Eggs Required

Shelf life: 18 months
Storage : Store in cool and dry places. Once opened, store in an airtight container.