Research & Development

Highly skilled chemists in our R&D division have consistently developed innovative and economically efficient products tailored to your needs.

Innovative Solutions, Distinctive Value

Operating in an era where technology advances and consumer trends change constantly, which resulted in a need for more advanced products. We believe that innovation is crucial for driving future growth and building a stronger business. A customer-centric approach with a clear focus on the customer, market, quality, operations, and cost control will help us strive for excellence in fulfilling customers’ demands and expectations.

Over many years of embracing only good manufacturing practices, the Company recognizes the challenge of pursuing a balance in product innovation and quality. It maintains unwavering conformance to stringent food safety and hygiene standards.

Our Capability

Highly Dedicated Team

Our highly dedicated team is the cornerstone of our R&D activities, they are our most valuable assets. Our team consists of scientists, engineers, and technologists with expertise in lipid science, dairy, bakery, frying, confectionary, premix, non-food, biodiesel, as well as regulatory, analytical services, applications, and sensory and pilot plants. We believe that motivated and engaged employees are crucial for success. Our continuous investment in R&D and our team of scientists, engineers, and technologists with expertise in all areas of food science is a priority.

Continuous Development In Our People

To keep up with the fast-paced and constantly improving society, we are dedicated to keeping our people updated at all times to provide the best services. We highly prioritize the development of our future technical leaders by providing well-rounded experience, personal development, mentoring and training opportunities for all staff. We believe that continuous training is an important pillar of our people development manifesto.

State-of-the-Art Pilot Plant

State-of-the-art facilities and technology has equipped us with the tools to design solutions that meet industry and customer standards. The pilot plant allows development of solutions from raw ingredients to finished products. Additionally, we also run trials on our distinctive product formulations at the plant. We successfully developed products in line with global health trends such as low fats margarine and trans-fat-free cocoa butter replacer, giving our customers a competitive edge in various markets.

Well-Equipped Application and Sensory Facilities

We are well-equipped with application and sensory facilities to ensure that the solutions provided meet their intended purposes. Our R&D department for dairy products is on track to expand our portfolio range in line with other global dairy players to meet different consumer requirements across different consumer segments.

Our Achievements

Developed Products Based on Global Health Trends

With constant hard work, we provide our customers a competitive edge in various markets. Our team was able to better understand customers’ needs and provide them with personalised service with increased customer support and engagement. The results were positive customer experience and improved business outcomes for us. Example of these product include low fats margarine and trans-fat-free cocoa butter replacer. The development in our supply of such oils and fats therefore enable our customers to deliver healthy options in the final products to the market sector which they serve.

Innovation in Non-Food R&D

We have also achieved innovation in the area of non-food R&D activities for the development of soap bar products and formulating in accordance with market requirements.

Development of R&D Capacity and Capability

Our R&D has the capacity and capability to support long-term organic growth. By acquiring new technology and talent with industry and regulatory expertise in the past year, we are determined to set industry standards. Our R&D department is incubator for translating customer insights into commercialised customer insights and needs into commercialised solutions. Our activities involve devising solutions, which not only meet customer and market needs today, but are also resilient to our changing world. This keeps Mewah at the forefront of consumer trends.

Our Expectations

What you can expect with our R&D efforts

Cost-effective Solutions

Value-added Products

Extended Range of Products Offered

Manufacturing Capabilities

Our Group owns one of the largest palm oil processors in the world by capacity, with integrated operations from sourcing and processing of raw materials, to the packing and merchandising of end products.