Our Sustainability Efforts

Our Five Focus Areas in Mewah Sustainability

Sustainability is part of everything we do and building a sustainable business is part of our value proposition. We believe that Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) investing is the right way forward.

Environmental Protection and Stewardship

Environmental protection and stewardship have been a key focus for us for many decades as we strive to optimise productivity and long-term sustainability in our business. We focus our efforts on key areas where our portfolio and business scale allow us to have the biggest impact. This focus area covers our impact on various environmental footprints in terms of 1) Carbon Management 2) Water management 3) Waste management 4) Biodiversity Management 5) Fire management and 6) Pest management. Our efforts in this area help contribute to United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 6, 7, 11 and 13 which aim to promote sustainable use of energy and combat climate change & its impacts.
We have initiated several sustainability initiatives aimed at minimizing our manufacturing footprint on various environmental aspects. At our upstream operations, we are also implementing several programs aimed at forest conservation, protecting biodiversity, and minimising adverse impact on the environment.

Responsible Supply Chain

We are committed to the implementation of a responsible and sustainable palm oil supply chain. Transparency in the supply chain is a critical aspect of sustainability since it increases the visibility of suppliers, and it allows us to trace and identify the origin of our raw material.
We have been focusing greatly on supplier engagement initiatives to raise sustainability awareness across our suppliers to make certain that everyone is improved. We are fully aware that a large part of our footprint is contributed by activities beyond our own operations. Therefore, our suppliers are playing an important role in forging a path towards sustainable palm oil production.
We value the input of stakeholders in helping to enhance transparency throughout our supply chain. The Grievance Procedure serves as a platform for stakeholders in our supply chain to address concerns or to report a complaint with regard to violation of our Sustainable Palm Oil Policy implementation.

Product Quality and Safety

Our reputation is founded on delighting our consumers and customers with consistently high product quality that meets their needs and expectations. As such, Product Quality and Safety for our consumers is always our top priority. We ensure ethical practices are adopted across our business operation, we support responsible marketing and advertising of our products and services.
We are committed to comply with all legal and regulatory requirements and through the rigorous application of our Quality Management System. Our factories are certified to quality certifications such as Halal, Kosher, and food safety certifications such as HACCP, FSSC 22000, and GMP+. In addition, our manufacturing sites are certified with multiple sustainability certifications such as RSPO Supply Chain Certification, ISCC Certification and Sedex SMETA Pillar 4.

Valuing Our People

We recognize that people are our most important resources to grow our business. This drives our approach to attract, develop, and retain the best people and to develop their careers. This consists of three key areas, namely, 1) Human Rights and Labour Policy, 2) Training & Development, and 3) Health & Safety.
We are committed to provide fair and equitable opportunities to all level of employees with no discrimination to gender, race, nationality, religion, age, marital status, ethnicity, union membership and caste.
We also committed to grow with our people and make the company a vibrant workplace. We provide our employee with a work environment that supports professional and personal development, offer a variety of career opportunities, and create high-performance and collaborative team
Health & safety of our employees is always our top priority. We are putting together an attractive workplace for our employees by ensuring all employees are healthy and safe both physically and mentally. With over 3,000 people employed in our palm oil operations, we understand that we should take this opportunity to provide good livelihoods and develop opportunities to our workers and their families.

Community Support

We are taking on the responsibility to give back and create a positive impact in society. We passionately believe in being a good citizen and proactively engage with the community which we operate it. We always strive to make a difference and continuously ingrain sustainability in our development, focusing on the long-term and ensuring that we grow the right way as a business through various programs and initiatives that uplift our neighbouring communities and safeguard the environment.
Our community objectives are: 1) Active Volunteerism of our Employee, 2) Supporting the Next Generation and 3) Disaster Relief. Our CSR approach is therefore to ensure that we bring lasting benefits to the communities and sustain an open, honest, and mutually beneficial relationship.


Product Quality and Safety for our consumers is always our top priority. We make sure all our factories are certified to one or more internationally recognized food safety standards and sustainability certification.

FSSC 22000

Certification - MOII


Certification - MOII


Certification - MOII


Certification - MOII

Research and Development

Highly skilled chemists in our R&D division have consistently developed innovative and economically-efficient products tailored to your needs. Contact us today to collaborate on the next-industry standard product!